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Baoding, Hebei clear parts of the capital to undertake administrative functions ease

2014/3/27 14:31:14 Hits: 5973
In accordance with the proposed "new urbanization plan, Hebei Province," Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei will build the core area of ​​the triangle, the bigger the size of the city of Baoding, Baoding, Langfang ease of centralized functions as the capital of Beijing and Tianjin bearer to bearer important industrial transfer, the Beijing, Tianjin and Beijing and Tianjin city group formed the core area.

Xinhua Shijiazhuang, March 26 (Reporter Wang Min ) 26, introduced the " Hebei provincial government on promoting new urbanization " clearly , the joint development of Beijing, Tianjin Province will implement a national strategy to build the Beijing-Tianjin Hebei urban agglomeration as the carrier, give full play to the capital city of Baoding and Langfang ease and ecological functions of the capital role in the core area of services , further strengthening Shijiazhuang, Tangshan wings radiating function in Beijing, Tianjin region , enhancing regional central cities and emerging urban centers and more point supporting role.

In accordance with the proposed " new urbanization in Hebei planning" , the province will build a core area of Beijing and Tianjin, security triangle , bigger city size Baoding , Baoding , Langfang ease of centralized functions as the capital of Beijing and Tianjin industrial transfer load to carry important to , Beijing, Tianjin and Beijing and Tianjin city group formed the core area. The group of counties around the capital (city ) building a modest scale , distinctive , facilities, satellite livable cities , and build structured, gradient orderly, clear division of labor , rational layout of regional urban layout structure.

Which , as Jifu node Baoding city , the use of geographical advantages , planning to undertake the construction of centralized administrative functions ease the capital 's service area. Stronger industry support to Baiyangdian Technology City , Beijing South modern industrial base , capital services area as the carrier to undertake the development of high-end equipment manufacturing, new energy, environmental protection and airport economic , logistics and other industries, part of the administrative institutions to undertake capital , universities, research institutes and medical pension and other features ease . Efforts to do good urban environment , in accordance with international standards to improve urban construction and management , improve the overall carrying capacity , enhance the relocation of enterprises in Beijing and attractive.

Langfang City, will give full play , " the Beijing-Tianjin corridor" regional advantages, seize the favorable opportunity Beijing and Hebei to build a new airport and the Beijing airport economic zone , ecological , intelligent , leisure and business direction for the development , vigorously develop modern services and strategies emerging industries and high correlation with Beijing 's industry , focus on building an innovation- oriented city , the city has become an important node in the core area of Beijing, Tianjin city group , built the first area and a demonstration area of Beijing, Tianjin collaborative development.

In addition, Beijing, Tianjin , Shijiazhuang city group built around the southern sub-center of the city , built around a sub-center in Tangshan city in northeastern Beijing and Tianjin functional division of labor and strengthen coordination and cooperation , driven south center , Jidong wings development. Give full play to Zhangjiakou , Chengde and coastal ecological advantages Qinhuangdao resources , build service features the capital city . Polarization in Handan city in Shanxi areas bordering central position and enhance coastal Cangzhou City role in enhancing Xingtai , Hengshui scale of strength , into a city of Beijing, Tianjin city cluster node has an important leading role .